Hi8 to Apple using Sony camcorder

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I still have my working Sony camcorder and many Hi8 tapes to digitize. When I connected the camera to the I-mac it didn't recognize the camera. Apple told me that about a year ago Apple quit supporting my Sony Digital Handycam. Do I need to buy a machine to transfer my Hi8 cassettes to my Apple? Apple told my Sony would have a converter, but they weren't helpful.
What are my options please?

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In the "old" days, you'd hook your HI-8 camera to your PC using a firewire port if the camera had that feature. If it didn't, then you'd use a device like a Canopus ADVC-110 to convert the analog video and audio to digital (aka firewire) and bring it in that way.
If your machine has a Thunderbolt port, Apple sells a Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter cord that will help you get started.
Good luck!


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Actually it would be a Digital8 camcorder that you would connect by FireWire, as Digital8 was DV video; Hi8 and Video8 are analog, and the best those camcorders would have for output would be S-Video, but some Digital8 camcorders were backwards compatible with the analog formats and you could copy the analog video as DV over the FireWire.

But if you have a Thunderbolt port on your Mac, you should be able to transfer with a Thunderbolt-To-FireWire adaptor, since Apple should still support DV transfers; if not then, unless you want to get a Canopus ADVC-300 to act as an analog-to-digital converter on your computer, you might want to send your tapes to someone, like me, who could transfer them to DVD or hard drive for you.

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I transfer 8mm and Hi8 tapes to my (PC) computer by simply putting the tape into my Sony Digital8 camcorder which is connected by Firewire400 cable to my capture card. The Digital8 camcorder internally converts the tape to digital and lets me capture it with no fuss. Been doing it this way for about 14 years.