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      i'm currently study a MA on film school now
      i just wonder if you guys can give me some advice or suggestion or 
      some idea on my topic for my final module?
      to do that, can i ask you just one question.
      "In your opinion, What is consider to be a new knowledge or new thing in today Moving images industry?"
      Since i believe that most moving images work was now stuck and nothing was stand out and different (in this case, i specific in Music Video)
      The advisor suggest me to do a survey on the industry itself, but i have to say that 
      i don't know where and what to start? all i can do is to watch the work
      which still the same but different technique and narrative.
      to sum up, it would be great if you can share your opinion on how you think
      about today(may be this year) trend in the industry and if you can, how its change from the past and finally the next step (if that not too much)
      just share your opinion and that would be a great help for me


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      Getting a grasp on the moving picture industry is tough indeed. We've had contact with some of the manufacturers behind the equipment, but not much from production companies. If you're an imdb Pro user, I believe it's possible to connect with professionals, but if nothing else, imdb.com can help you find who's connected to what project and which projects are in production.


      Here's a great few sources of information that focus on some industry topics:

      Filmfellas, http://www.zacuto.com/filmfellas-cast-7

      Philip Bloom, http://philipbloom.net/

      NAB 2013, http://www.nabshow.com/


      Enjoy more than enough here, Vimeo's staff picks <http://vimeo.com/channels/staffpicksare often very new and innovative.

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      " Hi,i'm currently study a MA on film school now i just wonder if you guys can give me some advice or suggestion or some idea on my topic for my final module? "        Where are you located??

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