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      Hey Guys!?

      Just wanted to stop in and say hello.  My name is Jackie and I've been a creative all my life. It's been a long journey to get here but I'm finally taking the plunge into videography.  I am in the process of starting my own video production business.  I've been working on a script and taking writing courses but I've decided that the best way for me to stay creative and make a living,  is to help entrepreneurs tell their story thru the use of video. I'd like to help them create an emotional connection with people and build a following.   I recently invested in a Canon dslr T6i and am gradually building up my gear.  Budget is limited, but my goal is to just start shooting video for people so that I can gain experience /confidence in order to sell and make a living out of this.

      In all honesty I am here to LEARN!  I'm taking a basic course but there's nothing like talking to the experts in the field.  Hope us "video virgins" are welcome and I'll try not to be too annoying with  my newbie questions!  But if you all are willing and open to share your knowledge and experience with me, it would help speed up my learning curve and I would sincerely appreciate it!  πŸ™‚     Thanks and be well.  ?

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      You're in the right place! This community is one of the friendliest that I've seen and most helpful. Just ask whatever question(s) you have and post it to the forum and there will usually be someone there to help. I was an amatuer self trained "virgin videographer" myself when I joined almost a year ago and I've learned so much from the community here! Don't be afraid to ask questions and definitely browse not only the articles on the site but also through the forums!

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      Hi, I'm new as well! I just found out about you guys recently and I guess I got hooked. 

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