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       I am interested in having videos made for my website. So, I need help finding someone to do this. Also, I would like to learn more about videos in general, so I don't get scammed either.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Welcome to the forum Ava101



      When you say you want videos for your website do you mean doing them yourself of hiring a professional to do them for you? If you're venturing on your own you couldn't have come to a better website/forum. There's a ton of information here that can help you out to produce a great video for your website.


      I don't get scammed either.



      When it comes to video one of the many ways to know if your getting scammed is (believe it or not) how much the video producer charge. A true professional is exigent with the quality of their finished product making your vision a reality. That's why their services are quite expensive.  The saying "you get what you payed for" is certainly true when it comes to video. Is not the same to produce a  video with consumer equipment than professional.


      Can you post a link to your website? I'm interested to know your line of work and to give you some video ideas.


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      Luis is completely correct.


      If you go the professional route.  Get estimates and demo reels from a number of companies.


      Some people might be able to do the job but they like to charge more than someone with equal ability.


      It's like getting your car fixed or finding a good plumber or any professional service.


      If you don't have any budget.  There are people who are at various stages of developing their video making skills.  Like the many non professionals that have joined this site.


      Or if a College or other similar type school has a film or communications program,  there may be students willing to work for free or cheaply.  


      You still want to look at what they have done.   It is a matter of what you can afford and what you find acceptable for your website.


      If the site is a business,  then you should go pro.  If it is something that you wish to make money on, but that is not the first priority you can consider non professionals.


      I am sure Luis will be of more help once he sees your website.


      That's my thoughts

      Good Luck

      Ask anything


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