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      I shot dive video today with met GoPro hero4 and used a new light and a red filter. When I finished I see all the video is very red-you almost can’t see any footage. Can anyone tell me
      1 why this happened
      2 is there any way to fix the video clips now
      Thanks for any input

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      A picture is worth 1,000 words so please upload a short segment so that we can see for ourselves and offer some advice.


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      Brother Dan

      Personally, I generally prefer to do color adjustments in post. That said, the simple answer is that your filter is too intense, you need to use something more towards the pink end. Finally, it may be salvageable through the color adjustment settings in your editing software. As Mike said, seeing it would help, but even that’s no replacement for actually having the footage open in the editing bay.

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      Two questions really. Why on earth did you use a red filter? I’ve never used any filter with my GoPros, as the colour shifts are perfectly manageable in the edit.
      2nd question is why you didn’t see the red in the viewfinder when you set the camera up.

      A third question popped up too – you seem surprised a red filter made the image red? Your light would have had to be VERY blue to need red correction – what on earth were you doing?

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      Are you or have you ever been interested in improving at anything?  Have you ever succesuffully encouraged or motivated someone to improve?  Have you ever successfully helped someone seeking advice, or maybe even niavly needing correction succeussfly using shame?

      Shame is useful, and it works, but it does not empower anyone to surpass what is expected of them, or needed from them, or even what they aspire to themself.

      Have you ever coached a sport?  have you ever played a sport?  in iether experiecne did you discover that people dont know when they have made a mistake?

      "What are you doing?!"  "Why did you do that?!" and many other insightful instructions after a mistake such as missing a basket, or driving the golf ball into the lake, or running the car into the side of the garge door, or building a birdhouse that falls apart when it is picked up, or coloring outside of the lines, or spilling punch on the white carpet.

      begging for an explanation of why someone made a mistake.  that does not seem helpful.

      I am challanging you to help novices like me learn to do better.  for some of us the challange of improving is driving us, for others a quaility of product is being aimed for, for many of us, we would rather struggle to learn how to, and to do it, and undertand why, and what for, and if this or then that,,,opening our horizons to all sorts of potentials…rather that just have someone else do it for us.  In the margin of your response is truly helful information,,,but packed in a way that clealry this is not a place to recieve guidance or advice from those that have gone before us.

      I trust that while you do know how to take video footage in various circumstances, you dont know how to coach or mentor an up and coming videogropher. That is ok.

      I hope you can participate in these communites not just to…well i dont know why you would even bother to respond to someone who has no clue in the whole world why they do things…but you did, so some part of you wants to be part of the community, and to help those behind you…so learn and grow…they can teach you to improve your craft,,,but they can challange you to improve in other ways.

      The value of each person may be in thier capabilies or what they offer the group…

      or maybe a our forfathers believed, maybe each person's value is innate, bestowed upon them not for what they are, or what they have become, but simply becase they are, they have this value commensurate with all other people.

      The contributions and influences certainly impact the benifit a person might be to a group, and the group would be better with or without them,,,that is not the same thing as the persons intrisic core value a fellow man or woman.   

      I'd love to hear your response to this a well as other peoples comments on this.

      Thanks you,

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