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      Hi, i need help with my Panasonic AG AC7. When i shoot videos it looks good when i watch the preview on the camera LCD screen. But when i put the SD card on my computer to view the video, the footage looks dark and dull . But each time i play the playback on the camera it looks great but not great on the computer . What is wrong? How can i fix it?


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      A camcorder’s LCD screen will NEVER give you an accurate view of proper video levels. It’s sole purpose is to show you the picture and nothing more.
      You need to take a critical look at your footage in your edit suite (you are using a properly calibrated monitor, right?) and learn how to translate what good footage looks like there to your LCD screen.
      There’s a reason that pro camera users spend $1.000.00 or more on a properly calibrated external viewfinder/screen.


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      yes the LCD screens all look beautiful but then reality strikes hard once you watch it on your computer screen πŸ™‚ Don’t worry all cameras do that.
      A quick fix will be increasing the contrast in your editing software. Don’t overdue or you’ll crash the highlights, just a little more contrast should do. Your camera gives good saturated footage, and fairly sharp already: just add more contrast.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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