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      I purchased a Dvd which had some bad scenes In it. I didn’t want my children to see it, so I decided to make a copy and remove those scenes. I used dvd decrypter and stored the new copy on d drive. The total file size was 3.8GB. (it was a short movie) I then imported the copied media files to the timeline of Cyberlink power director. The weird thing is I thought I would have no problem using a blank 4.7GB Disk. After editing out everything I wanted and adding nothing, when I went to burn, a error message said I didn’t have enough room on the blank 4.7GB dvd. I looked at the size of the video I creatred on Cyberlink and it said 6.4GB. Can someone explain to me how the file size would get larger just by using Cyberlink’s timeline. The only way I able to burn it was to use their (smart fit) feature which didn’t make me happy from going to 6.4GB to 4.7GB. The picture was grainy. I did not use any transitions at all or change the audio, nor did I use HD. I stayed from mpeg2 to mpeg2. Can someone please explain this to me.

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