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      Hi everybody!


      i have a problem understanding exposure in video. I shoot stills so i understand how it works for stills, but when it comes to video i have some troubles. First of all in which mode should i shoot videos with my dslr? Manual, aperture priority? Then i don't get it if i shoot in manual, set the exposure and shoot just a static scene it's ok, but what if i need to pan and the light changes? What if i pan from dark to light? So manual mode doesn't really work in this situation. What if i need my aperture and shutter fixed? Like f2.8 and 1/50s? Than i pan and everything goes overexposed. Is there auto iso function? 


      Thank you in advance for the help!

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      Why would that not work?


      Think about it, if you pan from dark to light for sure you would want to see an end result of going from dark to white, if the settings would change real time your video will look strange to say the least. 


      A good starting point is to doube the shutter speed (e.g for 24p set it to 1/48, 30p set it to 1/60, 30i set it to 1/120 etc) and use a variable ND filter to keep your exposure in range.


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