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      I am beginning to do dvds for my church,everybody says that it is a way to have dvds ready right after there any equipment i can buy to make this possible?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      What do you currently have? Computer, software, etc.

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      THey're getting harder to find but look for a standalone DVD recorder, preferably one with an internal hard drive that allows very basic editing functions. Most take composite vieo and audio as inputs. When the service is done, burn a master DVD, finalize it and then make as many copies as needed using another computer with a DVD burner.



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      If you need to have DVDs available "right after" the service, there is one way to do this.


      Purchase a standalone DVD recorder, which is like a VCR but uses a blank DVD instead of a VHS tape. Just run your video mixer output into the recorder and hit REC and when the service is completed, stop the recording and then you must "Finalize" the DVD. This means that the recorder will write some info to the disc and "close it" to further recording, then it will be playable in  other DVD players. Takes just a couple of minutes usually.


      The other part of this is you will need a DVD Duplication Tower. It will look like a desktop computer case, but the front of it will have multiple DVD drives in it. They come with different numbers of drives, such as 3, 5, 7, or more!


      Put your finalized DVD into the duplicator. Your blank DVDs should have been pre-printed to save time (there are inkjet printers for this, do not use labels). It should take less than 10 minutes to burn a batch of discs, and you can quickly reload blanks into the unit if you need additional copies.


      I have been doing this from time to time for special church services and it works great.


      You can expect a DVD recorder to cost between $150-250, and a duplicator from $200-400. Check Ebay for duplicators – there are several vendors selling NEW units, under $400 for a 1×10 unit (1 player/10 recorders).


      If your "customers" can wait until next weeks service, then by all means use a computer to author the discs and make pretty menus, but if you are going for the impulse sales, "Take it home today!", then you need the above hardware setup. No practical way to use a computer and author and encode in such a short time.




      Jeff Pulera

      Safe Harbor Computers

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      I currently have a canon gl2 that connect to a switcher then output
      To a projector.i also have a compaq f700 for
      Song lyrics during service.i am interested in making
      A dvd menu in adobe encore but i don’t know how
      To do the recording then edit i need to purchase something

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Joe, my apologies for replying so late I was working as a PA on a film production this weekend.


      If you had never made an Encore menu I suggest you download a preset using the Library. The menus are quite simple, but you will have them ready. Making Encore menus requires some skills in Photoshop and After Effects (if you want to animate it) so for starters use the presets. *If you want I can design one for you.*


      I believe you could manage with what you have.The problem is that your computer may not be fast enough to render and burn the DVD's in time. I have a Macbook pro with 8 GB RAM and Intel Core Duo Processor and a 1 hour DVD can take at least 2.5 hours to make the first render (after the first the burn is faster). Basically when you finish recording you rush and log the footage to your computer then you create a timeline on Encore with that footage. If your footage is one take (you didn't cut at all) you will not need to edit anything making the process faster. If your Encore menu is ready all you will need to do is connect the new timeline with the right menu buttons. I won't lie to you this is not the easiest thing to do so you may want to make a few test at home.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

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      Thanks for the advice,but what computer would you reccomend for editing

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      That depends on the budget you have available. I suggest you check out Editing Laptop Buyer's Guide and Workstations Buyer's Guide for more information on which computer you can get according to your budget. 

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