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      Hi all,


      Hope this is in the right place..first post in this forum.


      I am banging my head on what to do about my in-progress computer for editing/rendering. I have already bought a large case with multiple fans, a 1200watt p/s, and a cpu water cooler. I also have a hyubrid 750GB HD for my main boot drive (Windows 8 Pro). I will be putting in a 128GB SSD scratch disk, and a 256GB SSD render disk, along with a couple 3TB drives for storage of audio, video, etc to use.


      I also am a software developer who uses virtual machines for my daily work, and my thought is that I can utilize this same machine to run VMs for dev work when I am not using it for editing/rendering. Hence one of the 3TB drives holding VMs. I also have an exteranl USB3 SATA3 dock that I use for my SSD and external HDs for backup and transfering video files (I use a Shuttle 2 for recording video sometimes).


      I keep reading that the higher end Intel cpus with 6 cores are faster than the 8-core AMD, but given that I want to run multiple VMs (up to 10 or more at once), and that Adobe CS6 can utilize all cores for rendering now.. my thoughts are pushing me towards a dual-cpu G34 socket setup, where by I could eventually purchase 2 16-core cpus. My question on this.. if I were to put in a good graphics card, like nVidia Quadro or the AMD graphics card that is similar to a Quadro (but a lot cheaper .. forget the name).. perhaps even 2 of them, along with 64GB ram, the SSD drives, and 2 cpus.. would that be a better overall setup for what I will use this machine for and still provide superb rendering/editing capabilities? Or is it without a doubt the wrong way to go and an Intel 6-core would be better? For the money, the Xeon is a bit too pricey for me, I would start off with just one g-34 cpu and 32GB ram, hence I can't afford to purchase a dual-socket Xeon setup with even one Xeon given how expensive they are.


      I don't plan on playing video games with this machie..I have an AMD 1100t 6-core that does plenty good on games, and my consoles.. so this is purely an editing/rendering/dev vm machine.


      So.. I am leaning towards the g-34 dual-socket (or maybe even single socket) given the large price difference and the number of cores I could get to eventually hoping that the number of cores + ram would be good enough.


      Lastly.. any idea if we're ever going to see a Thunderbolt add-in card? I'd love to have Thunderbolt, but no g34 motherboard has it.


      Thank you.


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      Wow, talk about "overkill"   Of course that setup would be up to the video editing task!!!  I say if you got the money, go for it.

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