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      I’m having trouble burning a decent quality dvd from 1440x1080p footage. I know that dvd is standard. But I’m just trying to get a decent quality dvd.

      I exported from premiere pro cc matching source settings in h.264. Next, I used free programs from freedvdsoft called video to dvd converter and then their dvd burner.

      Would I be better off ditching those free programs and just export to encore using Adobe dynamic link

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      Forget the free stuff.  With the correct settings, P. pro will make excellent quality DVDs.  Hit the " Export" selection.  Select 2x VBR and be sure and check Maximum Render Quality.  it will take several hours to encode, but the quality is outstanding.

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      Best to not encode twice if you can help it. From Premiere, you can use Adobe Media Encoder to create the DVD assets directly. Choose "MPEG-2 DVD" as the FORMAT, then use the appropriate PRESET such as "NTSC Widescreen Progressive". Adjust the bitrate if necessary to fit the content on a DVD – there are bitrate calculators online to help with that. Note that this method creates separate video and audio files, .m2v and .wav, which are what Adobe Encore expects.


      Third-party DVD authoring software might not accept the two files and may require a multiplexed file (audio and video combined). If so, rather than using H.264 which has a lot of compression, consider a "lossless" .avi codec such as UT or Lagarith. This will create a much larger file, but with the very minimum of compression loss, then your DVD software can transcode that high-quality intermediate file to the required MPEG-2 format.




      Jeff Pulera
      Safe Harbor Computers


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      Brother Dan

      Just be aware that Pro CC does not have a dynamic link to Encore. You have to render and export, then import those files (audio and video) into Encore CS6. I, and many others I'm sure, are hoping for that to be updated soon.


      You have to download CS6 (no additional charge), which is how you have to go about it, then delete all of CS6 except for Encore. Of course, you can keep all of CS6 on your machine if you want (I do) because not all of my associates run CC, and CC will open and convert a CS6 file, but it's not backwards compatible. So, in order to collaborate, I occasionally need CS6, even though I prefer CC.


      Good luck!

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      Thanks! Isn’t another alternative importing the premiere pro sequence into encore as a timeline?

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      Hello, I also have the dilemma with burning DVD. I'm using Final Cut Pro X and although I'm ok with burning the included basic version for review purposes, there are two important options missing: the DVD is targeted to international audience, so I will need to create multiple subtitles; also it would be nice if I could put video clip as a background, not only a picture. Could somebody point me to a program that could do it? Preferably one that can export chapter markers from FCP, but if necessary I can always separate the main clip into chapters clips. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to help 🙂


      Bogna Jordan 

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      Thanks to you both! I'm ditching the third party software. Instead, I'll just burn my dvds by using the Dynamic Link from Premiere straight to Encore. I'll see how that goes,

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