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      I am a new freelance videographer with 1 year filming and editing experience from concerts, interviews, short films, special events, and workshops/motivational speakers. I have never done a music video but i have been asked by a couple people. Below is info on the video and equipment i will bring, can someone tell me how much i should charge for this?
      music video info:
      3:42 song duration
      1 location 
      4:00 estimated video duration
      10-22 hours including editing
      Equipment List:
      1: canon 5d Mark III
      2: Manfrotto monopod 
      3: Glidecam with plate
      4: 17-40mm lens 
      5: 50mm lens
      6: 70-135mm lens
      7: 2 Ikan studio lights with batteries 
      8: 4 canon camera batteries 
      9: SD card +95/mbps  x2
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      This can be a difficult task, One i still wrestle with on some projects.

      There is help and you have already started by listing your tools for the project, because with video services one is not just paying for the finished product, but also the tools and experience to make it.


      Anyways I hope these help you:

      How Much Should I Charge?

      I know this isn't for video specifically, but use as a guideline to get you started.



      Always leave some wiggle room if a client wants to much of a deal they probably aren't worth working with anyways.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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