help w novel: set w remote monitors?

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      Hey there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a special video interview setup for a novel in progress.

      What I'm looking for is a way for a person (call him Bob) to hear and hopefully also watch an interview in progress without the subject being aware of Bob. Bob knows the crew members and they have no probem with him on set, so it's not exactly eavesdropping. The subject wouldn't mind, either, so it's not an invasion of privacy. Bob just doesn't want his presence known because the surprise of it would be disruptive to the subject. There is also another person on set near the subject, watching the interview in progress (call him Charlie), and Bob doesn't want Charlie to know he's there, either for the same reasons.

      It's a somewhat difficult topic for the subject, so the interviewer wants the subject to have as much privacy as possible during the interview.

      Can there be a monitor or two in the interview room but screened off from the set area? So Bob could watch the monitors to see the subject, and hear the subject on the other side of the screen? Charlie would be on the subject's side of the screen, along with the interviewer. Hopefully most of the rest of the crew would be behind the screen with Bob.

      I wonder if anything like this is ever used?  If so, I'd love a link to a visual.

      Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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      Simplest way would be to run a cable from camera that's recording the intervies — HDMI, SDI, RCA, depending on the camera outputs — to the room where you have your monitor set up. You'll see and hear exactly what the camera records.

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