HELP, strange video breaks in playback

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      I have been experiencing this strange playback anomaly for over a year.
      I get these strange breakups durring fast motion.
      Here's a video I shot of my screen
      I have a NVIDIA Gforce GTX 570 video card and a very fast computer with 16 gigs of RAM.
      If anyone can tell me what causes this or how to stop it I would be forever grateful
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      You might have to uninstall your editing software, use a registry cleaning tool (there a several good ones at ) and then re-install you software, or perhaps you updated the nvidia drivers and it might have broken the link to your editing software in which case you might just use the resore tool in microsoft to restore you machine back to the date that you editing software worked ok.

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      If I were trouble shooting, this is what I'd do…

      If the video plays fast & how you wanted it to, in the time line before render, I'd say the video card is fine.


      If the video plays fast, but NOT the way you want it to, as in sample you provided, the problem is in the render which could mean many things.


      It could be hardware or software;  the CPU or the RAM itself, or the RAM buffer (bottle neck) Hard drive buffer, the program or the frame rate you chose.


      Try rendering your problem section at half the speed you chose. If it is problem free, up the speed until you find the % that is giving you the problem. I would also recommend you trying a multiple of your frame rate such as 240 instead of 200% just 360 instead of 300% just incase the GOP is somehow tied in.


      For hardware there are RAM check programs (I use and for hard drives the built in CHKDSK can find sector errors where your render image may be getting drop outs. If you are using HD, and your raw footage, program and render export are all on the same drive, you are probably experiencing a bottle neck in you computers ability to transfer information in, out and through the system. Seperate drives for your raw files, your NLE and output are highly recommended.



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      I'll assume that the PC you're using is not a dedicated video editing machine, so you'll need to find out what else could be eating up the CPU cycles. When playback stops and starts, in my experience, that's a sign that something else is running that is demanding the CPU's attention.


      When editing video, it would be a good idea to shut down as many other programs as you can. Anything running in the system tray such as Skype, or any IM app, that goes onto the internet should be shut down until you need it. 


      Open up Windows Task Manager and take a look at the processes that are running. Sort them by the amount of memory being used and that may lead you to the culprit or culprits.


      You didn't mention your operating system. If you're running Windows 7, 64 bit version, then 16 GB of RAM is fine, but if by chance it's a 32 bit version, anything over 3 GB of memory can cause problems such as this.


      If you do find out what's going on, please post any successful fix. That may help someone else in the future. Good luck!

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      Excellent point Ed! I have a 'just for editing' computer so I don't run mail or any other program while I render. It's a good idea to close down all the programs and even take the computer off line if the render is going to be a long 'overnighter' and you want to prevent Windows ® from updating or such.

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      Do we know the frame rate of the timeline and output is that same as the source video?Sorry, just searching.

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