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      I am an acting coach who shoots actor auditions. I prefer using Mini-DV (Sony PD-170) as apposed to HD because it is softer and more flattering to actors – HD is a little too real. I’m more interested in beauty than reality.

      I don’t do much more than very basic editing for this so I use standard Imovie to cut the auditions.

      The problem is sometimes clients want to be able to have the auditions viewed full-screen on a computer as apposed to the 640×480 that I normally generate. But when I export to anything larger than 640×480 I experience distortion – it gets fuzzier, less sharp.

      Now, when I play back the videos on a large tv monitor, feeding directly from the camera to the monitor, the video is crisp and clear. So I know the videos are able to be played at a large size.

      What I need to know is how to create a file that is full-screen (or close in size) using my mini-dv and Imovie that plays sharply.

      If that is not possible. Is there a way to make ti possible? For example would switching to final cut make it possible? Does final cut have tools that facilitate this?

      If the only way to get full screen clarity is moving away from Mini-dv, is there a camera I can buy to achieve the same softness? For example I have heard of cameras that offer ‘analog down-converting’ (Sony HVR-A1U?) could this be a solution?

      Any help, advice or insights anybody could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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