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      I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how I can make it look like someone is recording on a camera while I am film. Like when tv shows have people with a camera and a little graphic around the screen shows up looking like it is recording.

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      You can make your own in something as simple as Microsoft Paint. Be sure to save it in a format that supports a transparent background (i.e. TIF, TGA, PNG). Drop it into your editing program and lay it over top of your existing video. Stretch to fit. Done!!


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      It's quite simple. I created a graphic of a movie projector 'running' to draw attention to the fact that what was currently on-screen was not video, but footage derived by tele cine from old film sources. Most of the graphic, created in 'Xara' which uses vector graphics, was static, including the film which only gave the illusion of being transported by the spokes on the feed and take-up spools being animated, with, to heighten the illusion, the take-up spool rotating much faster than the feed-spool since the film was 'supposedly' near-the-beginning. It worked a treat, and still does. One thing to be careful of, use raster-based graphics only if vectors are not available, and if their use is unavoidable, work large, to minimise future pixellation, (eg I work in 3840 x 2160 for easy eventual reduction to HD), even with vectors. However, if you are confined to SD and a 576i, (or 480i) raster. forget about it, since the pixellation makes it little more than an exercise in grinding frustration. Transparency is best, but a blue or green screen 'chroma' background may be used, depending upon the colours used in the

      shots being 'overlaid'.

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