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      Hi, Please help!

      I recently got Sony Vegas Pro 12 but the quality of the video looks really bad, I don't know if this is just because I haven't rendered it yet or because I messed around with the 'project properties'

      Please can someone tell me what project properties they use, e.g width,height,Frame rate,etc. and also what render settings they use.

      Thanks in advance, will be greatly appreciated!!

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      I have an HD camera btw;)

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      i just made a topic about svp12 too. having quality issues as well. i may can help with a few things. check out my new topic and the the video maybe you can help me too.

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      Hi Bee123 πŸ™‚


      I normally edit it on Premiere but have used Vegas in the past, like you said it may be the project properties. Vegas actually has a feature to match the project settings to the same as your footage. It may also be Vegas scaling the footage down so your machine can handle it.



      EDIT: I cant seem to move the image, here is the link to see the icons



      To match the footage click on the blue box with the arrow (cicled in the image) then this menu will open 

      Click the icon at the top right, then double click on the footage used, this will set the project to them settings.


      If it still doesnt work, you could maybe try clicking the icon in the square on the top image and increase the resolution.


      I hope this helps πŸ™‚



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      There are some quality settings for the preview window you may need to adjust those to get a decent preview.  As Danial mentioned your computer may drive some of the quality. 

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      can you help me ? when i try to open a video a window pops-up and says :


       Warning: an error accurred while opening one or more files.

      An error accurred while opening a codec.


      i have instaled a codec and i have traied with differnt video formats.It still dosen 't work!

      Could you help me pls! πŸ™

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      Thanks very much! I will have a proper read through in the morning – too tired now;) Thanks again

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      Bee123, you said you had an HD camera but never told us the model number, what type of footage it shoots (ie. the format) nor did you mention what kind of computer you have (CPU, RAM, OS, ec.). If all you have is an i3, you will get poor performance with HD footage. Providing that information will helps us to better help you.



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