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      I am making a video to join a video competition in school (Actually, I'm representing my school to join a national video competition for students). Filming and most of the editing is done, but then my teacher said we need to add the school name at the start of our video. Tragically, my laptop chose to break down today and the deadline for video submission is next Monday. I shipped off my laptop for repair but it wont be back until next week. So I really need your help to animate a few words.


      The words are "SMK Batu Lintang presents" and "Lies And Deception".



      Just a few seconds long of animation should be enough. Just please make it nice looking so that it makes a good first impression to the judges and shows that we are skilled in video editing.


      Use whatever font or style you want as long as it looks good. You are free to unleash your creativity. I would prefer the words to be big though.


      Please help for just this one time and thank you in advance.


      PS: You can add sound effects if you want. I dont mind. Not when I'm desperate.

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      Wow… you want someone to make your entry for a video competition?  That's a bit of a stretch of ethics in my book.


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      Yeah, I don't think you're going to find many people willing to do free work, especially something you are trying to pass off as your own for a school competition.  If you really want to become 'skilled' at video editing, I suggest you start practicing.  No better way to learn than trial and error.



Viewing 2 reply threads
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