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      Hi everyone,
      I need some expert advice on an issue that I am having when I am burning/ writing wedding blu ray disc. The footage is generally shot at 25fps/ 50fps 1920X1080 and I have used Cyberlink power director and Corel Videostudio pro X9.

      The main problem. 2 out of 3 disc that I burn are not playable in my Samsung Blu ray player which has the latest firmware. I am using Ritek disc 25GB and the setting I use in Corel Videostudio to burn 1920X1080 at 25fps 16Mbps (Australia). I want to burn in higher Mpbs to have better quality but then the frame rate for for higher bitrate is 160fps. Therefore I am stuck with 16Mbps. This is wasting alot of my discs and time and I am sure client wont be able to play it too. Can someone please guide me if I am doing anything wrong here.

      Sometimes it plays without any problem (tested several times) but using the same setting it just does not work other times. I have also used Cyberlink and that doesnt play at all. If I produce it as a file in thumb drive I dont have any problem, its just most of my clients request in blu ray disc.

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