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      Hi folks im desperate for some help here please , we are a small new filming company that have this year started to make ends meet and build a client base , we advertise are Dvds of all forms of motorsport via our wensite , facebook , twitter and by leaflets when at an event filming , we this year have gained Car motorsport clubs in the area we are , previous year we had every Motorcycle club in our area / County , i have been contacting business to see if they would be interested in advertising on our covers and on the end of our Dvds' , we have a company that is interested and are asking for a price now we sold 200ish units last year this year with new clubs coming on board it looks brighter , my question is what do i charge them ? what price do i give them ? how do i even workout a price ? in reality we would really like them onboard with us and would offer free advertising as i believe this would help us in the long haul , please has anyone got any advice for me
      thanks in advance folks
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      The short anwer is to determine the prospective advertisors threshold of what they percieve as a good value and what they percieve as too much.  Split the difference and there is your price.



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