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      I AM FASHA

      What are you guys thoughts on these two camcorders.  Keep in mind what I will need the camera to do.  Inside outside recording, no long range stuff, maybe just a little, but not real long shots, most recordings will be of me or people I interview, items on my project bench that Im recording, that sort of thing:


      Panasonic HC-V10 High Definition Camcorder (Black)

      ·                                 Price:$169.99

      ·                                Instant Savings:-$30.00

      Offer ends JAN 26 '13

      ·                                 You Pay:$139.99Free Shipping


      Product Highlights

      ·                     Record 1280 x 720p HD Video at 60 fps

      ·                     2.7" LCD Display

      ·                     63x Optical Zoom Lens

      ·                     31.6mm (Equivalent) Wide-Angle

      ·                     Ultra-Long Telephoto

      ·                     Power Optical Image Stabilization

      ·                     Easy-to-Use iA Recording Mode

      ·                     2D Editing Feature Makes Editing Easy

      ·                     Simple Sharing on Facebook, YouTube, etc

      ·                     SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot


      You Pay:$119.00  free shipping.

      HMX-F80 Flash Memory Camcorder (Black)

      ·                                 1280 x 720/30p HD Recording

      ·                                 1080i HDMI Upscaling

      ·                                 5MP 1/3.2" CMOS Sensor

      ·                                 2.7" LCD Screen

      ·                                 52x Optical Zoom and 65x Intelli-Zoom

      ·                                 1.9MP Still Image Capture

      ·                                 Built-In Intelli-Studio Editing Software

      ·                                 Smart BGM 2 Background Music

      ·                                 Time-Lapse Recording

      ·                                 Record/Pause

      The camera I currently have is about to tank. I want something dependable and affordable.

      Thanks for your thoughts and BTW, if you know of a better deal, please let me know. My budget will be about $150.00

      Thanks Fasha

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      What do you plan on filming?



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      I AM FASHA

      Mostly I will be doing indoor video of projects on my work bench, how to’s if you will. Outdoor video of those type projects and some interviews.

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      Does the Panasonic only shoot in 60 fps?

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      I AM FASHA

      I’m not sure if it is adjustable or not. I would think if it were it would have mentioned it. I’m new to capturing with a camera. Precious experience was with capturing off Xbox. The info I posted above was all that was listed by the website. But I have recently seen other cameras that showed 30/60 FPS.

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      I AM FASHA

      Update:  Yesterday I bit the bullet and purchased a Sony HDR-CX260V comsumer grade camcorder, yea it was more than $150, but I believe that I have gotten my monies worth and the camera will do everything that I want it to do at this stage of my video recording career. Here is a link to the specifications page.



      Sorry that it didnt come up as a hyper link, just cut and paste.


      I decided on this camera for a number of reasons, but mostly the reviews that I read around the internet a several site, I spent a week reading them.  Another reason, was that is does have a input jack for a extreral microphone that uses the stardard jack connection and not a USB port type connection. 


      This camera got great reviews for its ability to focus quickly when zoomed in, no noise when focusing or zooming and has clear glass.  The only thing that caused me to pause was that it does have touch screen controls and many reviewers said that this interfers with keeping the camera on target. But I thought that even with the tradional buttons, you would still experience that same problem.  Down the road, once I have had time to put it through the paces, I will do a review on it. And I do plan to use it alot, esp over the next 30 days while the no questions asked, 100% return policy is in place.  


      Price of the camera was $429 on sale at BestBuy.

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