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      I am very new to all of this but am looking to purchase a video camera (professional quality/HD) for filming theatre shows, live concerts with varying light as you have in theatres.

      My budget is $1500 roughly, I can go a little higher or lower! I need to be able to set it up, set the zoom and leave it to record for roughly 3 hours.

      What I need:
      – Good quality video camera (for both YouTube and TV quality for viewing back)
      – Sound input from sound desk in theatre
      – Great battery or ability to plug into power supply and still record
      – Ability to record up to or over 3 hours of high quality footage
      – Bonus, if it also takes stills.
      – As they are theatre I cannot have start and stopping like some DSLR’s

      If you can advise makes, models, advice etc it would be great as I am totally new to this and need a great camera to keep all my shows on file and for uploading to sites and burning to DVD.

      Thank you for your time.

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      Avatardon one

      I have no experience of filming theatre but I have been comparing you requests for a Canon camcorder. I have had a Canon Legria HF G30 for videoing wildlife and would think that it may well suite your needs. It takes stills as requested during the video process and I have just tested it and it will work without a battery with its in the box battery charger used as a power supply. I have run it for more than an hour so that doesn’t appear to be a problem.

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      Thank you for that Don, it may be the camera for me so.
      Have you ever connected it to a sound desk?
      And is recording time good on it?
      If you have any video’s online of your recordings I would love to see them.

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      I posted a similar topic in Weddings & Events! Seems like low-light performance is important. Can’t wait to hear what the Videomaker community comes up with!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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