Help me buy lights + softbox/diffuser for interviews

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      Avatarde Haan

      Hi there,


      I have to do a lot of interviews at my job during the next months, and therefore need to buy some lights. I have to do both one and two person interviews, probably with white/grey backdrop. But my knowledge about is quite scanty. I guess I need lights for a three point setup, and maybe some light for the backdrop as well.


      I already have two Lupoled 560 LED panels + some old spots. But that's all.


      Can anyone reccomend what would be smart to buy? I'm think about:


      – More LED Panels? (hair light + background light). Or should I be okay using my old spots (they seem very intensive compared to the LED panels


      – Would it be smart to get some diffusers or softboxes? I'm especially thinking about the LED's being reflected in the people's glasses


      Thank you!




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