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      Hi folks. I’m not totally ignorant when it comes to computer software and peripherals, but I can certainly learn more from those whose knowledge exceeds my own, and finding such people will certainly not be a problem.

      Okay, this is my question. I’m using PowerDirector to meet my video production and editing needs. I am presently using an XFX fanless r 700 series GPU with 1gb of ddr5 ram. It’s not enough. I’d say it’s almost enough, but not quite. And so I want to upgrade.

      I have my eye on another fanless XFX GPU with 4 gb of ddr5 memory, at 128 bit, and with about three times 3 times the stream processors I’m also looking at an XFX Video Graphic Cards RX-470P4SFD5 with 4gb of ddr5 ram running at 256 bits.

      My system is newly built with a decent i5 processor and 16gb of Ram, and a Seasonic 620 watt PS.

      Any thoughts? I don’t wan’t more GPU than I need.

      Also, from what I have read, Powerdirector works better with XFX cards due to how the software utilizes open CL (?). Not sure about this.


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