Help! I need to upgrade my computers graphics card.

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      I am hoping I can get some advice on upgrading my computer. I am a student of architecture and I think our programs share similar requirements.

      I currently have a:

      HP Envy 17T-k000

      Intel i7
      Intel HD 4600 Graphics ( which if i understand correctly, thats built in to the motherboard)
      16gb of ram
      1tb of memory

      It runs most of my programs decently enough but hoping to get a boost, especially when rendering. Which from what i understand is mainly the processor.

      I am hoping upgrading my graphics card( even though I read, I dont really have one… ) and bu doing so, see some improvement in my overall computer operations.

      Wondering if there is any advice out there for my problem. Is there a external graphics card? All i see is external graphics amplifiers, I dont think that is the same thing… I dont know though.

      I hear having 4gb for just graphics is pretty good, do I have that opportunity with my current laptop ?

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