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      I have used a Sony Ex1r for a while and it has given me great pictures and video. However lately I have been getting very grainy video. I have played around with the settings, light placement, etc, and so far not much has changed. I use the on-camera monitor and a larger HD tv as a monitor to check the image, but I never see the grain until I upload to Premiere Pro. Please help?

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      From what I see on BH is that the camera records in XDCAM EX for HD, and DVCAM for SD. Could it be that you are recording in DVCAM rather than XDCAM, and you’re getting the grain from upconverting?

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      I checked, but I am recording in HD 1080/30. The only difference when I throw the footage to PP is that I am down converting into 720/30. I have two of the cameras and the other one has been doing fine at the same settings. Thinking about going ahead and sending it to Sony… I did the record the eclipse with it and while I used a strong filter, I probably did damage the sensor a bit when I was adjusted the lens every now and again.

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      That “grain” is noise. If it is not apparent when viewing the footage before uploading, then the problem may be in the upload. How are you doing this? If using a cable connection, suspect this first and try a different cable. You say you shot the eclipse, so yes sensor damage could be the other cause.

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      I have been searching for a solution to this issue. Though there is software that boasts to nullify these noises in the video, they do this process by compromising the quality of the video file. The often smoothens the frames to get rid of the noise.


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      As of now, I don’t think we can really afford software that brings the noise down. Charlie Bennet, I use the SXS-1 cards and a Sony SXS card reader to get the footage. I have another EX1R and the footage that I am getting from that camera has little to no noise, So I’m thinking it is the camera itself or rather the sensor itself that has been damaged.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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