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      I've wanted to start doing interviews whether they are for business, documentaries, etc. but the one thing I have failed to pay enough attention to is lighting. I have good equipment for both the camera and audio for interviews and everything else I do, but I don't really have any lights (besides a clamp and halogen work light)

      I want to be able to go into this business and do corporate videos or into people's homes and quickly set-up and not have to waste their electricty bill, putting another reason why they should not choose me to do their video. I have been researching and it looks like the best thing to do in my case is get LED video lights. This are nice because they are quiet, cool for my subject, and run off of batteries/very little power. The LED lights I'm currently looking at are the LED light panels that have in the area of 500 LEDs on one panel and run off of the Sony NP-F970 batteries. The ones that I have been most interested in being the Aputure Araman AL-528 which run, at the cheapest, around $175 for a 528 LED Panel. I also have some chinese models that I'm considering too:

      Aputure AL-528S: This panel has more focused light with a beam angle of 25 degrees – Runs on Amazon for $179.00

      Aputure AL-528W: This panel has a wider spread with a beam angle of 75 degrees – Runs on Amazon for $162.99

      Aputure AL-528C: This panel has color temperature adjustable bulbs and a beam angle of 75 degrees – Runs on Amazon for $209.00

      Yougnuo YN-600: This panel has color temperature adjustable bulbs and an unknown beam angle – Runs on Amazon for $129.99

      Came-TV N600D: This panel is a typically LED light panel but differs from the others with a more expensive V-Lock battery – Runs on the Came-TV website for $214.00

      Came-TV N600S: Same as the N600D but has color temperature adjustable bulbs – Runs on the Came-TV website for $238.00

      Came-TV L508D: Very similar to the N600D but runs off the NP-F970 batteries – Runs on the Came-TV Website for $319.00

      Came-TV L508S: Same as the L508D but has color temperature adjustable bulbs – Runs on the Came-TV website for $329.00

      But I've also seen people use multiple cheap 160 LED lights and using them in a set-up as one light with an umbrella, like Nitsan Simantov, which would be around $140 using Yougnuo YN-160 (around $40 on Amazon.) I really like this idea because then there's more flexibility with them for others, but it more inconvient when setting up and dimming. I was actually going to use the Yougnuo YN-160 as a back light with two other bigger lights for the key and fill light.


      But it also makes me wonder if I should use umbrellas with the key and fill light for the three point lighting setup. I was thinking of getting one using that setup for the setup for also one light shot. I'd love to hear your guyses suggestions for the best thing for myself to do and fill free to put suggestions down there.


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      Hi Zac – I would recommend:

      – three $199 F&V ring lights,

      – two light stands for $27.75,

      – three $9 Sony NP-F550 batteries,

      – a $40 rail mount to mount one of the lights in front of your camera and

      – a dual battery charger for $19.

      – Ring lights are extremely flattering – in an emergency, when you only have one, you can shoot through the middle of the ring and still get even lighting – plus the F&Vs put out a lot of light for their size while remaining cool to the touch.
      – And there's no need to fool with umbrellas or soft boxes if you have three of the $25 milk diffusion filters.
      – Please take a look at this Diva Ring Light review to see what you can do with one, two or three ring lights.
      – I own both the F&V and a Diva and they are the best lighting investments I've made in 40 years of video and filmmaking.
      Hope this is helpful!
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      Hanna Kim

      Hi Zac,

      have you already purchased your LED light? 

      I wanna recommend you the LED 528W on Amazon.

      Now the price is $159.9

      Have a nice day, 

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      Query: I am often shooting still and video outdoors under an open tent, which usually means heavy backlighting. I am looking for a portable led key light I can use to brighten faces of speakers. Typically, I can't get close enough to have any benefit from an automatic flash.

      Looking for something I can either clamp/attach to the tent pipe frame, or set on a tripod—maybe two, if not too expensive, so provide more general lighting. Battery powered is a must! Suggestions?

      Since this is for government use, I have a limited budget…$150-$200 for the set.

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      Images By Kenny

      Two Yongnuo YN600 and one YN600 Air work well for me for talking head shots.

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      This is a great forum topic! I personally use the Ikan Rayden kit, and the Wescott flex led lights. Both are wonderful kits to have, each with a CRI of 95+, to get the best white as possible. Far as portability the Westcott flex is great for that. They can be a little pricey, but you can find them used at a decent cost.

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