Help Capturing & Transfering HDV/DV From XH-A1

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      – I recently acquired an XH A1 camera for college.
      – I’ve never had to work with HDV/DV tapes until now.
      – I understand the recording and capture/transfer processes for the most part after a ton of research.
      – During capture with HDVSplit .77 beta, I noticed the preview window showed nothing, but a blank screen while my viewfinder on my camera was showing the footage.
      – After capture was complete, I went to open said file, but it couldn’t with the media player software I owned.
      – I would’ve just thought maybe I just needed to download a free media player software to play it, but when I noticed my file only said 0 bytes I was concerned. I didn’t think this was normal.
      – Now I’m at a loss for what to do. I’m continuing my research, but until then I need any suggestions you can give me.

      Things I Used to Transfer:
      XH-A1 Canon
      HDVSplit beta .77

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