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      I am in search of a pro/semi-pro camcorder to use outside of work. I am a TV-Shoot/edit and am currently using the AG-AC160 from Panasonic. Not having wide experience with other cameras than Panasonic for the most part, I am wondering if anyone here could help me. 


      The type of camera I am searching for has to be in the $2500-3000 range, and HAS to have buildt-in ND's, manual iris ring, xlr-inputs and preferably have a form factor that works for ENG-work. Interchangable lenses/4K recording is not a must, but a nice option.


      So far, I have only found one camera that fits these needs, and that is the Panasonic HC-X1000


      Does anyone have experience with the HC-X1000, or can point me to a camera you think match my criteria? Any response is appreciated.

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    Hi, tthomassen – you may also want to consider the $2869 4K JVC GY-HM200 (that's the price if you want it right now, you can get it for $2695 if you're willing to wait a couple of weeks).


    This camera can record at up to 3840×2160 Ultra High Definition "4K', has built-in ND filters, built-in XLRs, records to dual card slots, outputs 1080p to SDI (and 4K to HDMI) and has built-in live streaming capability.


    It's a brand new camera, so there isn't a lot of footage out there – but the resolution and dynamic range starting at 13:46 in this review and test (from Videoaktiv in Germany) are very nice (please watch at 2160p and your monitor's highest resolution):



    Hope this is helpful!



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