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      Hopefully someone give me some direction on this.

      I would like to automate the creation of multiple video files using the same template. The workflow would like the following

      1) Capture multiple videos (not sure what format) using a Canon XA20 onto SD card. 
      2) Insert SD Card into computer
      3) Copy files from SD card to computer
      4) Insert each file into pre-generated video template with Intro and End Credits
      5) Export to a file format that I can burn to DVD
      6) Burn file to DVD

      The major problem is that I have no idea what software to use to do the automation. I do not want to manually insert up to 50 videos individually into the template.

      Any ideas on how and/or what to do to achieve this?


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      I tried once with Telestream Vantage software, you can use its free trial version. Please let me know your experience.

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