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      Recently, I have edited a promotional video for BizEventz (division of Central New York’s Business Journal). This was my second edit and I am eager to be critiqued on my work. Note, I did not shoot the clips. A colleague shot the clips for me during my absence at the time of shooting.

      Promotional Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7QrWEovfV_WSWFpWlg0OV84QXc

      BizEventz: http:www.bizeventz.com (https://www.cnybj.com/bizeventz/)

      I appreciate everyone’s response!

      My best,
      Matt Malec

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      What’s to say? You took footage of talking heads and cut it all together. Cutaways would have been nice, something to relieve the monotony and illustrate what’s being talked about, but absent that you did what you could.

      My only concern would be with levels and color correction. Much of the footage appears washed out and I think this could have been improved in post.

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      I agree with Jack. It needs work in the grading department. The one thing that stands out to me is the use of an on camera mic to record the voices. A lapel mic would have produced much better results with rejection of a lot of the acoustic from the surroundings.

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      Editing – fine. You had a pile of poo to cut together and did a pretty good job. The colleague who shot the clips, however needs a role reversal. Clearly hopeless at managing a camera – horrible composition random jerky pans, no control of the talent, and as for sound? What sound? Oh – those reverberant, dull and poorly capture warbling. Sometimes shots like this are very handy for showing exactly how you cannot just give a random person a camera and expect quality results. The factory one with the colours and interest is pretty fine pictorially, but ruined by terrible sound. The internal ones lack proper lighting skills. Just terrible. Personally, I would make sure your name is NOT on any end credits as the editor, because you get tarnished by the cameraman’s lack of competence. The old phrase – you cannot polish a turd comes to mind.

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      Sorry, post appeared twice

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