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      Ok so Im going to try and explain this as best I can. Sorry if I dont know the correct terminology. I have googled this problem and cant seem to get my head around any of the answers or even if im looking in the right places, so here goes.


      Im using sony vegas pro 12 & DVD Architect.

      I have two clips of a school play from to differnt camers.

      First camera Sony HXR MC 2000E

      Second Camera Sony NEX EA50E

      The settings in the cameras both differ (school boy error)

      Here are the project properties that sony vegas matches each clip to if I drop each clip into a new instance of vegas.


      Template: HD 1080-50i

      FieldOrder: Upper Field First

      Frame Rate: 25.00 (PAL)

      DeInterlace: Blend Fields



      Template: Custom 1920×1080, 25fps

      Field Order None (Progressive Scan)

      Frame Rate: 25.00 PAL

      DeInterlace: Blend Fields


      Now the problem I have is how to match these two clips. They look fine in the vegas preview window, but when I come to render them for DVD (ive tried nearly all the render settings) the clips from the HXR are very poor. I have tried to render the HXR clip on its own but I cant get a decnt picture , there are lines around moving objects and on some settings every thing looks distorted.


      My question is what project settings should I use and what render settings should I use?


      Is there a way to convert one or the other? (or are they just differnt)


      I was told that vegas should do it on its own and to just set the project settings how I want them, but this dosnt seem to work.


      Please answer in words of one sillible im a very confused newbie.


      Kind regards



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      I haven't messed with PAL footage but what are your project settings your trying to mix frame rates on? If all else fails you might just deinterlace your 50i footage and export it to 25p and then drop it in a 25p project with your ea50 footage.

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