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      I am wondering if the HDV 1080x1440i is technically totally out of date for possible footage sale to Tv or is it simply out of fashion ?

      thank you

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      Each TV or cable station is going to have it's own set of requirements/rules about what they accept. Of course, if the footage is unique or rare, then it could be valuable even if shot on VHS.


      That said, many broadcasters do require full 1920×1080, shot using 4:2:2 color and a minimum 50Mbps data rate, but that will vary.


      HDV footage in reality could be converted to ProRes for instance, for delivery at 1920×1080 with 4:2:2 color and if the original footage was really clean, it may not matter that it was HDV to start with.


      So check with the TV station for starters. If you plan on shooting documentary footage, or contributing news footage on a regular basis, consider a camera upgrade.




      Jeff Pulera

      Safe Harbor Computers

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      Thank you for your advise.  Yes a camera upgrade would be the thing but all the other gear such as UW housings etc is making this not viable for me.  So I suppose if I do get the odd good footage it would still be able to sell it as stock footage on rare occasions.



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