HDMI or Thunderbolt to MiniDV Tape Deck

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      I have a Alienware 17 R3 laptop and I just started working on a project that requires me to export my video to the DVCAM Tape Deck (DSR-45A). My laptop only has USB 3, USB-C 3.1 (Thunderbolt capable) and HDMI 2.0 outputs. I’ve been searching all over to find a solution and so far I had no luck.

      Thanks a lot in advance!

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      DVCAM is going to require Firewire. If you have the ability to add a PCMCIA or ExpressCard expansion card to your laptop, find one that will give you Firewire 400 connections. This will be what you need to interface with your DVCAM deck. These cards are cheap and can be found on Amazon, eBay, B&H, or just about anywhere.

      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      When adding a 1394 firewire card, I’d suggest that you ensure the card comes with the TI (Texas Instruments) chipset. Generic firewire had known issues with several device types, video devices in particular – that the TI chipset overcame.

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