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      We recently purchased a Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder, and recorded our holiday.

      When I watch the recordings back on the camcorder’ s screen, and listen to it with headphones plugged into the camcorder, everything runs smoothly.

      However when I connect the camcorder to my TV using the supplied USB cable, the sound does not play back smoothly.

      The video footage within each file starts slightly before the sound starts. So you see movement before hearing sound.

      When the sound does kick in, it often starts with a crackle or a static noise.

      What would cause this?

      Does the memory card used make any difference?

      We previously had a Panasonic camcorder that did not have these issues, and the whole video played back smoothly.

      Equally the overall quality of the sound is much better when listening to the camcorder via headphones, compared to the quality when it’s plugged into the TV.

      Is there a way that the sound can be played back through my Sound bar? Our TV is constantly connected to the Sound bar without issue, however the Camcorder sound was not picked up by the Sound bar. We had to connect it directly to the TV.

      It is a good quality TV, so I wouldn’t have thought that would be the issue.

      Any help is highly appreciated.

      Many thanks,


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