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      Hello all,

      Our production company has produced three films now, and we’ve done all our editing in house. We’re now working on our fourth film and it’s the first one we’ve shot in 4K. We are to the point where we’re ready to start editing some footage for the trailer and our computer seems to be having trouble handling the 4K files. We edit with a HP workstation Z420, with 1TB hard drive, 24 GB ram, i5 2.8 GH quad core processor, and a quatro 5000 4 GB graphics card. We also have two 4 TB raid arrays for storage that connect via USB 3.0. We’re running Windows 7 pro as an operating system.
      This machine has never had the first hiccup handling anything we’ve fed it. It eats HD and 2.5 K for lunch without blinking an eye, but the 4K buffers like crazy and it will hardly play it in the timeline.
      I’ve read all about the required specs for editing 4K, as well as talking to HP about it, and all the info I’ve got so far says that our machine should be way more than capable of handling 4K.
      We’ve tried playing the raw clips in other media players as well like VLC and QuickTime, but it does the exact same thing so I know it’s not the editing software.
      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


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      Try a 4K video converter.

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      That’s smashing – but your suggestion of trying a 4K video converter is sadly – rubbish. If you invest in 4K production kit, converting it to something else to edit is a bit daft – AND – takes forever too!

      The link also takes readers to a DIFFERENT – video forum, which frankly makes this SPAM! and sneaky spam too.

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      chrisking, i went and looked at your site, and no mention of Kdenlive was seen on that site. Kdenlive is free, great Non Linear Video Editing Program, that is as good as Sony Vegas 10 or better.

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