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      hello everyone

      im new to slr type video recording

      i am having to choose from


      jvc gc px100

      and the sony HXR mc2000u


      i will be mainly using it to do weddin

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      hard to type here… sorry


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           Actually, neither one of the cameras you mentioned is an SLR. SLR stands for Single-Lens Reflex, and typically refers to still image cameras that have interchangeable lenses. The acronym for the modern digital iteration of the SLR that also shoots video is DSLR. 

           That said, of the two cameras that you mentioned, I would go with the JVC, as it shoots progressive video. The Sony only lists interlaced video in its specifications. 

           However, if you really want quality footage, go for an actual DSLR, like a Canon EOS 70D. It has a larger APS-C type sensor than the other cameras that you mentioned, and it will give you a very nice image. 

           Personally, I would go for a MILC (Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera) like the Panasonic DMC-GH4. Although it only has a Micro 4/3 sensor, Panasonic has made it clear that this camera is designed for high-end video production, with the available docking base that also has audio inputs, as well as the fact that it shoots 4K video footage. I own a GH2, and it has become my favorite camera in my arsenal. The GH4 is 2 generations newer than my GH2, but Panasonic has only made improvements on this line of cameras. Check the reviews on the GH4. 

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      Hi BROTHERRIGO – instead of paying $1400 for a Sony MC2000U that will give you results like this:






      …or over $900 for a JVC GC-PX100 that no one on YouTube or Vimeo has ever used for a wedding, as far as I can tell – I agree with McRockett – you may want to consider a large sensor interchangeable lens camera such as the $1100 body-only Panasonic GH3 or the $1700 body-only Panasonic GH4.


      The GH3 can produce results like these:









      The GH4 has 4 times the resolution of either the JVC or the Sony, and can produce results like these:









      Yes, you have to buy lenses – but these cameras are a whole lot more bang for your buck than a camcorder.


      Hope this is helpful!




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