Having problems with dvd authoring with nero 11

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      I need help on this please. I’m using nero 11 to create a dvd video with some movies i downloaded with menu inclusive. I want to use a dvd 9 disc for this so to keep the good quality. So i clicked on dvd 9 in nero to do this but the moment i import a movie file it takes up almost the whole length of the size bar up to 6gb of space. I have tried importing mp4 and mpg file format and its still the same. I have 6 movies and i want them all on the dvd 9 disc. Please help.

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      Quite frankly what you are doing is illegal and your best bet would be to buy the actual DVD’s.

      But setting that aside for the moment, cramming all 6 movies onto 1 disc, even a DVD-9, is going to give you something that looks barely better than a VHS SLP recording. Also DVD uses MPEG-2 only, so MP4’s and H.264’s would need to be converted to MPEG2.

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