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      Hi all,

      I have been asked to edit a feature documentary. I have edited a few short docs in the past but nothing on this scale..

      I have been given 40 Hard Drives each at about 2TB each. They can’t be daisy chained. What is the best way forward for me to consolidate this footage and start building my edit? The camera guys did a pretty good job of logging everything.

      Many thanks!

      Rob T

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      You might find my article at http://www.videoccasions-nw.com/airshow_text.html to be of some help. Faced with a similar problem in organization I spent a great deal of time looking out the window and thinking about the script, Once I felt I really understood the story I was going to tell I worked my way through the available footage, putting associated clips into bins and identifying each bin with the appropriate part of the story.

      I’m a firm believer in letting the story drive the edit. I imagine for your job there’s a shooting script, and I’d want to have read this repeatedly before even thinking about editing. It sounds like the camera crew has done a good job of logging what they shot, but it’s vital, in my experience, that you become familiar with all the footage before beginning the edit. As you watch, make notes beside the camera logs referencing where you think various material falls in the story line. 80TB of material is a lot but, in the end, the more familiar you are with the footage the easier and more creatively the edit will occur.

      I would break down the script into units — what actors call “beats,” — logical chunks of action, ideas, locations, etc., that stand alone, and edit each of these separately. It’s a methodology that I find keeps me focused and enables me to organize how I will handle large pieces of video. Once these units are assembled on your timeline you’ll see immediately what needs to be cut, strengthened or moved to better tell your story.

      Good luck.

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      Give me a call or shoot me an email. I think I have some ways I can help you figure your situation out.

      Bryce Arroyo
      Maxx Digital

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