Handling 8K RED footage

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      Hi all,

      New to the forums. So hello!

      I don’t work directly with RED footage a lot. Last time I did, it was Epic 5k footage.

      So, anyone who knows anything about working with 8K knows that currently a popular 8K codec is h.265 (HEVC). I can’t say much about what I’m working on, but I’ll just say this:

      1.) There’s an 8K monitor.
      2.) The 8K footage needs to be high quality so it doesn’t look artifacted.
      3.) I’ve been told to use the test R3D files off of RED’s website.
      4.) I’ve installed REDCINE-X on one of our development workstations.

      At this point, would I need a Red Rocket card to even think about playing a higher quality 8K video? Our computers are pretty damn powerful, but not sure they can handle lossless 8K. Or even mildly compressed 8K.

      I’m assuming Prores doesn’t support 8K. We don’t necessarily need to play directly from the R3D files, but we need the video to be crisp and not review quality.

      Thanks in advance!

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