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      So i am looking into purchasing the JVC HM170UA for sports, documentary and general run and gun. I was curious as to how stable it is handheld if anyone has any hands on experience. I don’t see a lot of specs regarding image stabilization and most of the tests I see online are on tripods or people admittedly used it in a cold environment so they say “sorry my hands were shaky and it was cold outside”. Any help is appreciated.


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      I have the HM170UA and I find it difficult to remain stable without some kind of help such as a shoulder mount, or monopod or tripod. The best way to use it without any external support is to press the back of the camera against your chest while shooting.

      If the hand grip would swivel it would make things a whole lot easier.

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      I had the camera for a year. It has two levels of image stabilization and I feel the highest level is only sufficient for minimizing shake on a monopod or a tripod with a fluid head without great drag on it. It does little for handheld shots.

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