Hand-Held Stereo Digital Audio Recorder sufficient for recording?

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      I´ve been producing music for about 15 years now and a friend of mine got me a job to work as a soundtechnician on a movie set..  mainly just recording the dialogues etc


      They are NOT super professional but are slowly trying to get better at it so there´s a bit less pressure on me to have pristine sound.


      My question is:


      I have a Tascam DR-07mkII Portable Digital Audio Recorder  that i bought a small adapter for, so i can mount it on a boompole and also got the Rode Dead Kitten Artificial Fur Wind Shield for the few scenes we will be outdoors


      I don´t have the money now to spend on a shotgun mic etc etc etc so i wanted to know if this could work out fine?  has anyone of you tried this before?


      Ohh and i also bought a 32GB memory card for it..  just in case..  and extra batteries




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      Ok..ummm  thanx?   😉  hehehehe

      i´ve already started the recording and seems to be working quite ok…  

      Guess i´ll have to look into what technique and mic is the best for each situation myself

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