H.265 (HEVC) codec support?

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      I’m wondering why the big 4 editing software makers can’t seem to come up with support for native H.265 / HEVC files for their software when little no-name editors like Cyberlink have support already built in? Is it just not popular enough (yet)? Is it the copyright/money thing? This new codec is far superior to h.264 in so many ways it seems silly for these mega companies to hold off on plugins, etc. to support it.

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      Adding new codecs/wrappers costs them a lot of money. Before they make theinvestment, they want to make sure they’ll make their money back. It took a while for some of them to support AVCHD too.

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      As soon as the newest codec H.265/HEVC has released out on video market, it is popular among the video studios including Samsung. Comparing with the H.264 codec, H.265/HEVC is much higher and smaller, which has become the highlight. However, owing to its high compression, it is not easy for Cyberlink or Premiere to afford.

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      A tutorial talks about h.265 and Adobe Premiere Pro workflow:

      H.265 Hangs on Import in Adobe Premiere Pro- Solution

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