Guitar instructor needs camcorder advice

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      I want to create instructional guitar videos with 2 camcorders to cover mainly 2 angles. I’m not too concerned about audio because I will record that separately with a professional mic(s) through my DAW. I want to start things off on a small budget. I don’t want to spend more than $500 – 600 (that is apart from lighting, tripods, backdrop) so I’m thinking of buying used camcorder(s).
      I had my mind set on buying the Panasonic HC V750 but though it received great reviews someone commented that their codec is not suitable for editing. So now I’m thinking of getting a Canon HF G10. Also, someone on Kijiji is selling an old Canon HG10 AVCHD 40GB for $100(cad) and I was thinking of getting it as a 2nd camera or I could borrow my sister’s Sony DCR-SR45 for a 2nd camera until I can save up for a better one. I don’t I need too many bells & whistles, but what I do need is manual control for focusing, shutter speed, remote control etc…(at least that is what one experienced Youtube instructor recommended). Btw, is a Sony HDR-FX1 too old to be considered? I’ve seen this one on Kijiji as well for $600 cad.
      Please let me know if I’m on the right track. Looking forward to your advice.

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      I’ve had an older version of that camera for quite a while and it really is a life saver sometimes. It takes decent images in quite dim light, the audio quality is pretty good you will find, and the AVCHD system is no trouble at all. You always get advised to copy the entire file system, but in Premiere, I just look for the files in the stream folder and copy these to the hard drive them edit. Never had any issues at all. I would try to keep to the same brand if you can because the images have the same look and feel, although, I regularly mix Panasonic and JVC, with little real difference.

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      Thanks for the response and advice. So the much older Canon HG10 and a newer Canon HF G10 should do me fine.

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