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      Hi Everyone!
      I am new to filmmaking and have a complete passion for it! So I’m working on a film to put in a film festival and have a question regarding green screens. The scene calls for three girls being chased in a tunnel at a historical fort. We were denied permission to film at the actual fort, so I’m wondering if you can green screen the actresses running and using the green screen and adding a fort on the green screen to make it look legitimate? Thanks so much!

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      First things first. This is a story about three girls who 1) go into a fort, 2) come to a tunnel, and 3) run through the tunnel.

      So you need an establishing shot — the fort in the background, with the girls approaching. The green screen will work for this.

      The interior of the fort — the passages they traverse to reach the tunnel — can be anywhere that suggests “fort-like” hallways. With a combination of actual hallways and closeup cutaways of the girls, you can make this sequence as complex as you like. The shot selection here is on the girls, not on the hallways. A few carefully selected props and set dressing will sell the idea that you’re inside the fort.

      Any tunnel-like site you can find will work for the tunnel. Halloween is coming up soon and you can probably find a haunted house with tunnel-like elements that you can use. Or create a tunnel in a long hallway. Black plastic garbage bags, painted, bunched and taped to the walls will give you a great approximation of rough stonework under low light.

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      I agree with Jack. Think outside the box. Or outside the fort. There are plenty of times that a different room or location has been used in conjunction with an establishing shot to give the viewer the impression of “the talent is in here.” Unless you light your talent to match the background, it’s going to look cheesy and fake. I’ve seen Hollywood screw this up. Good luck!

      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor

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