Green Screen Studio on 2 Walls Corner of Room

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      Trying to turning my basement into a Green Screen Studio

      I wanted to do a 90 degree thing, one wall wide 10 feet then the next connecting wall another 10 feet wide making like a Green L shape. The height would be 7 Feet (It’s a tall as I can go) 10 feet on the ground and cover the ceiling with another 10 feet of Green.

      It turn a part of the basement room into like a Green Cube.

      I have a five point lighting setup, a decent amount of lights.

      I think I would shoot down the center where the two green walls meet.

      Does this sound good or over kill for a small in-house Green Studio?

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      My advice is to stay away from corners due to potential shadow problems. If you insist doing it this way, try to round the corner off in some way so that it’s more like a U instead of a right angle.
      For inspiration, take a look at this studio shot.


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      Many thanks!!!

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