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      Hey guys, I have a problem where I import a green screened animation of something into a picture, and that animation just so happens to have some green parts in it.  When I put the keyer onto the picture, those green parts become see through.  How do I get those green parts back?
      I am using Final Cut Pro X.
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      I'm not familiar with the green screen controls in FCP X but the idea is the same in all applications.  There should be a few controls to adjust the sensitivity and spread of the keyer.  You may try making the keyer more selective to take out fewer shades of green.  


      I've been editing regional and national spots professionally for pushing 30 years and green screen shots are seldom slam dunk easy.  We often spend hours and even days working on green screen shots to get them looking right.  You may need to use garbage masks on problem areas.  It sounds like a major PITA since you often have to reposition masks on a frame by frame basis but it's not too bad. 

      Good luck.



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      It sounds like you need to combine the chroma key with 'masks', maybe even some 'rotoscoping'?


      Masks basically allow you to chop up the frame and define which bits of it you want the effect to work on. Although this can obviously be more difficult when the problem area is also moving around a lot… This is where the rotoscoping comes into it.


      But give the masking options in Final Cut a go first… As Brian says, green screen is never easy. Ideally you wouldn't have any green in the footage your shooting in the first place, but that's not very helpful to point out at this stage!


      Good luck!


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