Green screen FX in Chance the Rappers Video? Anyone?

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      I'm trying to create the fx from: I am working with FCPX 10.0.9 (and a green screen) and would greatly appreciate advice.


      I've gotten this far:

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      Chance's video is pretty cool. He's using what's called a tracking matte, and you're on the right track with the green screen. Google "FCP X Track matte key", and you'll se some videos on using a track matte.


      Basically, it's like doing green screen twice. The first green screen is conventional–that's how they do the background. Then, process the same footage with the track matte key, and it will take away everything except the green. Use that matte to mask the effects you want to appear on the rapper. So, you end up with three layers; the keyed background, the rapper, and the top layer, which contains the effects that you are 'projecting' onto the rappers face. Give the top layer an opacity of about 40%, so the rapper's face shows through the projected effects.


      Hope that helps!


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