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      i have a question regarding using the green screen and the key filer of FC. Is it good enough for this kind of work? Or maybe another software such as AE is more suited for that?

      I did a test yesterday but the results were not that great.

      I know i am still learning and probably i made some mistakes. I am just wondering if it's worth spending time tweaking in FC or if with another software results are better.


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      Great green screen start with propper lighting, a good background and the right camera.  Do you have a sample of the footage you can upload?  Also, a description of your setup would help.



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      Hi Brian


      here is the link



      i did a lot of color correction and i am not happy with the results, specially if you compare it to this video that was shot on a white backdrop



      This is my set up:


      Iphone 5 


      2 of these to light the background



      and this as the key light



      I know it's a cheap set up. However, with the white backdrop i got pretty good results.


      The green screen video was shot at 1080p, 30 fps.





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      Wow, shooting it on a iPhone?  It looks pretty darn good.  See if you can disable or reduce spill supression.  It looks like that might be your problem.  The idea of spill supression is that the keyer can automatically reduce color spill from the green or blue screen.  Unfortunately, too much spill supression can really mess up your color.


      I don't key in Final Cut so I'm not sure exactly how the keyer works but hopefully this will help you find the problem.  Good luck.



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