Green Screen Academy

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Hello everyone,
My name is Ionut and I am the co-founder of

This include:
1. Training
Learn how to setup your home studio, record videos and how to edit them for best results

250 professional backdrops. Each one has motion elements to make them look highly realistic

3.Editing Software
Video editing software and tutorials on how to use it. No more fees on expensive tools to edit your videos.

You own a business and want to spread the word online with video?...but video production is just not what you want to be spending so much time on so you're looking for ways to do it better and faster? should try this package

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Its 250 images and some software for less than $50 - it takes a fair time to get to that bit, with the HUGE sales pitch, but I hate sales posts dressed up as normal forum traffic. If you want backdrops and undisclosed software for a few dollars? ................